Teaching Talks & Hands-On HuskyCT

Teaching Talks

You are invited to participate in a series of informal teaching talks throughout 2017.  These are opportunities for participants to comfortably share teaching concerns and discuss techniques and strategies with colleagues, experts, and CETL staff.  All sessions will take place in Rowe 319.  All UConn instructors —graduate students, TAs, and APIRs, as well as adjunct, tenure-track and tenured faculty—are encouraged to attend.

Attend all the sessions or choose only those covering the topics that most interest you. 

Contact Suzanne LaFleur if you have questions or would like more information.


September Schedule:

Thursday, September 6    1:30 – 2:45             Leading Effective Discussions

At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • How to maximize student participation
  • Reluctant speakers
  • Questions that lead to good instructions
  • Questions that do NOT lead to good discussions
  • Using student questions as a springboard to effective discussions

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=577



Monday, September 10          1:00 – 2:15                  Strategies for Increasing Student Motivation

At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • The role of student choice
  • Engaging student passion
  • The importance of the teacher/student relationship
  • Challenge and reward
  • The reluctant learner
  • Service learning and other experiential techniques

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=578


Monday, September 10           3:30 – 5:00                 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills in the Classroom

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Breaking up the lecture- small group discussion, large group discussion, questions (yours and theirs)
  • Effective use of PowerPoint slides & other visuals
  • Speaking the students’, or audience’s language, and making the presentation fit the audience
  • Moving away from the board or the podium
  • Effective use of humor

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=579


Thursday, September 13                     2:00 – 3:15                  Effective Questioning Techniques

In this session, participants will discuss topics like:

  • What kinds of questions should we ask?
  • How can we best formulate our questions?
  • How can we promote student learning through answering questions?
  • How can we use questions to assess learning?
  • How can instructors more effectively respond to questions?

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=580


Monday, September 17                      11:00 – 12:15              Reaching and Assisting Underprepared Students

We will discuss topics such as:

  • How to recognize the underprepared students in your course
  • Steps to take, including strategies for differentiated instruction
  • What are our responsibilities and how can we meet them
  • What are the student’s responsibilities and how can we assist her/him in meeting them

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=581



Thursday, September 20         1:00 – 2:15     Making Learning Easier
At this session, participants will discuss topics like

  • Motivating students to read and prepare for class
  • Teaching students to think and write in your particular discipline
  • Using visuals and technology effectively
  • Accommodating different learning preferences
  • Using class time to emphasize learning/study skills

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=582


Thursday, September 27         1:30 – 2:45      Location: HBL CLC
Improvisation Techniques and How They Can Liven Up Your Classroom and/or Work Experience

This is an interactive workshop where we will “do” more than “speak,” but there will be a discussion of how doing improv exercises can help students to be more willing to speak in class, as well as other practical applications.

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=596



Thursday, September 27         3:15 – 4:30                  Effective Use of Small Group Instruction in Classes of All Sizes          

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Why small groups increase student engagement, motivation, and learning
  • The types of learning goals/objectives that are best suited to small group work
  • Important considerations for designing and implementing small group learning activities
  • Practical tips

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=583




HANDS-ON HUSKYCT Workshops and other EdTech Workshops

Is your HuskyCT Grade Center ready for midterm and final grade calculations? Do you have questions about using HuskyCT tools in your course? Join us for hands on guidance with HuskyCT, including Grade Center. Workshops take place in Rowe 319 except via Webex dates.

Please bring your laptop.

September Schedule:

Create Videos for your Class
Some advantages of using video in your class include the following:

  • Provides a way for students to review material
  • Provides instructors another way to present content (i.e. flip the classroom)
  • Record video “microlectures” before or after class to help with difficult concepts

Using UConn’s video platform, Kaltura, you can record lectures, store videos, create quizzes and share them in your HuskyCT course. In addition students can use it for homework assignments or for discussions.  The training will cover how faculty, staff or students can create, upload, store, edit and share videos.  It will be available in person in Rowe 319 and online via Collaborate.  Attend one of the sessions below.

Tuesday, September 4      9:00-10:00

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=597


Monday, September 10      10:00-11:00

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=598


Once registered and if you will be attending via online you will need to go to the below link –https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/9f349e3dee704aed9e9d75b066ab5e93.


Organizing Course Materials in HuskyCT
Thursday, Sept. 13th, 10:30-12:00
Online via Blackboard Collaborate


This session will cover options for presenting and arranging materials in your HuskyCT course in ways that minimize confusion for students. We will discuss various options for adding content, such as the difference between sorting materials into folders or learning modules, as well as controlling the visibility of content to students. We will also cover options for adding multimedia elements to your course, such as audio and video, among the variety of other content options available in the system.

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=611



Assessments & Assignments in HuskyCT
Thursday, Sept. 27th, 10:30-12:00
Rowe 319

HuskyCT provides a number of tools for assigning student work, collecting assignments such as papers and projects, and conducting other types of assessments such as tests and quizzes. This session will provide an overview of the tools available to instructors and how to use them, including the use and application of SafeAssign (a built-in plagiarism detection software) as it relates to pedagogy. (Please note: This session will cover the basics of using HuskyCT’s test/quizzing functions, but if you would like to learn about the details of that tool, you also may want to consider the “Developing and Building Tests, Surveys, and Pools in HuskyCT”)

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=612



Developing and Building Online Tests, Quizzes, and Exams in HuskyCT
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2:00-3:30
Rowe 319

Many instructors administer online assessments through HuskyCT, and this session will cover the variety of settings that ensure a smooth experience for both you and your students. This session will cover creating questions outside of HuskyCT and uploading them into the system, as well as the range of available submission and feedback settings.

Register at – https://web9.uits.uconn.edu/fins/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=613

HuskyCT: Contact Daniel Facchinetti if you have questions or would like more information.

Other EdTech: Contact Karen Skudlarek if you have questions or would like more information.