Educational Technology and Innovation Consultation

Are you looking for assistance with HuskyCT?
Want to learn how new tools on HuskyCT can assist your teaching?
Looking to engage your students in the classroom through the use of technology?
Interested in the variety of options available to record lectures or lab activities?
Trying to host online office hours?
Need to present to a class but you cannot make it to class due to snow?
Do you have a question about an educational technology tool?
Do you have an idea that you think educational technology may be able to facilitate?
Do you have an innovative idea but do not know how to implement it?

CETL educational technologists are here to help!

We can help with all of these! CETL's educational technology staff offers training programs and technical assistance in the large variety of systems and environments either on campus and virtually.  Some of the training programs include Learning Management System (HuskyCT), Classroom Response Systems (iClicker), Recording Technologies (Kaltura, Mediasite), Virtual Meetings (Blackboard Collaborate, WebEx) as well as many other technologies.  We offer a Lightboard room and a quiet recording room for you to create online course materials.

Educational technology and innovation consultation services are available to all UConn instructors at all campuses at no charge. CETL educational technologists provide faculty with opportunities to be creative in a supportive environment. Whether faculty know exactly what they want to implement, have a challenge that needs an answer, or just want to learn more about the available options for educational technology in meeting your pedagogical needs, consultants are able to assist. Consultations can span a range of topics and formats, depending on the interests of the faculty. Some of the areas that can be addressed in consultations are:

  • classroom-related issues or concerns
  • maximization of educational technology
  • alignment of pedagogy and technology
  • video creation
  • technology for flipped, hybrid, or blended courses
  • utilization of synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • utilization of new features of learning management system
  • application of educational technologies to achieve learning and course objectives

Educational technology significantly enhances student learning via multiple platforms, from synchronous and asynchronous learning environments to classroom response systems.

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