Teaching and Learning Assessment

To ensure students are learning what we intend them to learn, assessment plays a critical role in education.

Teaching and Learning Assessment Overview

Assessment methods are designed to measure selected learning outcomes to see whether or not the objectives have been met for the course.

Assessment Design

Assessment involves the use of empirical data on student learning to refine programs and improve student learning.

Bias and Inclusion in Assessment

How can bias and exclusion in assessment be addressed in our course design and classroom activities? Jesse Stommel, a proponent of “ungrading,” suggests we start by reflecting on what we might call our grading philosophies.

ChatGPT AI Impact on Teaching and Learning

Many faculty have reached out seeking guidance surrounding possible academic integrity issues triggered by the recent release of ChatGPT3 from OpenAI.

50 Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS)

Techniques for assessing course-related knowledge and skills.