Inclusive STEM Teaching Project

This professional development program is available for free to all interested UConn employees.

The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project (ISTP) is a movement funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) that is designed to (1) educate, (2) inspire change, and (3) create community for anyone who engages learners at a university (faculty, graduate students, administrators, postdocs, etc.).  

ISTP is designed to advance the awareness, self-efficacy, and ability to cultivate inclusive learning environments for students. Despite its label as "STEM" the course is relevant for all disciplines and broader participation is encouraged. 

If you opt in to ISTP, you will: 

  1. participate in a free online course that brings growth mindset framed content and specific case studies so you can learn, and challenge your perspectives towards inclusive classes and learning environments 
  2. engage in a learning community with others at UConn who are also taking the online course to discuss, deep-dive, and/or apply what you’ve learned in your own contexts 
  3. continue designing, improving, or creating change in your own contexts after the ISTP session ends, with continued feedback or support from ISTP facilitators  

Your time commitment would be: 

  1. Course: self-paced learning (14-21 hours of online course instruction, either in line with weekly Learning Community meetings or at your own pace) 
  2. Community: 2 hours per week in a weekly virtual meeting for 7 weeks 
  3. Continue: as designed and desired; at least quarterly check in for 2+ years 

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is supported by the National Science Foundation. The asynchronous MOOC is accessible as soon as you sign up. Content can be engaged with prior to the start of learning community, or in conjunction with weekly discussion. 

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What’s in it for you?

Participants engage in deep reflection and discussion around topics of equity and inclusion across a variety of institutional contexts and strengthen capacity to contribute and improve the UConn landscape. 

Benefits to your participation in the MOOC   

  • Access to teaching resources at a time where teaching inclusively in multiple modalities (in-person, online, hybrid/hi-flex) is essential 
  • Flexible learning – edX materials and activities are self-paced 
  • Opportunities to learn and refine skills in inclusive STEM instruction 
  • Documentation of participation in professional development (low fee for optional participation certificate) 

We estimate you will spend 2-3 hours per week engaging in the course which includes review/completion of MOOC course materials. 

Benefits to your participation in a Learning Community. 

In addition to the MOOC, participants are invited to participate in a remote synchronous learning community concurred with the course. The next opportunity for a learning community specifically for UConn employees  will be in the spring of 2024  The learning community will foster reflection and discussion and will run concurrent to the course. Past participants found it enriching to sign up together with another colleague from their home department. These meetings are an additional commitment of 90 minutes per week. 

Register now for a facilitated learning community concurrent with the MOOC. 


STEM students in lab with instructor

STEM students in lab holding robotics project

The alternative learning community option is to join synchronous sessions lead by UConn facilitators laterYou can take the MOOC now and engage with its material any time starting March 4Then meet as a  community between May 31-July 19, 2024 (every Friday in-person remote, except the holiday).   

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Questions or can’t attend right now? 

Please share with your networks and encourage colleagues to take part in this exciting opportunity!

If you have any questions or would like to recommend a colleague to the program, please contact 

We look forward to hearing from you!