Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning

Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL)

Committed to advancing the teaching of STEM disciplines in higher education

UConn is a member of the CIRTL Network

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Access to programming from network partners:

CIRTL is a network of 46 top PhD-producing universities committed to improving the preparation of future faculty (GA’s and Post-Docs) through evidence-based professional development programming. UConn’s institutional membership opens up extensive cross-network programming for GA’s and Post-Docs (i.e. virtual webinars, workshops, courses) from network partners. 

CIRTL@UCONN offers programming, community, and nationally recognized accomplishments

CIRTL@UCONN provides targeted professional development for future faculty that focuses on teaching as research, evidence-based teaching, learning communities, and learning through diversity. To acknowledge your engagement with this community you will be recognized as a CIRTL Associate, CIRTL Practitioner, or CIRTL Scholar (depending on your degree of engagement). 

CIRTL Core Values

Learning-through-Diversity - Learning-through-diversity capitalizes on the rich array of experiences, backgrounds, and skills among STEM undergraduates and graduates-through-faculty to enhance the learning of all. It recognizes that excellence and diversity are necessarily intertwined.

Teaching-as-Research - Teaching-as-research is the deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods by science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instructors to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of both students and teachers.

Learning Communities - bring together groups of people for shared learning, discovery, and generation of knowledge. To achieve common learning goals, a learning community nurtures functional relationships among its members.

Description of CIRTL levels

CIRTL Associate - Describe & Recognize Value

CIRTL Associates recognize the role of the CIRTL core ideas in effective teaching and learning. They will demonstrate this by successfully completing GRAD 6000 and 5 hours of other CIRTL programming.

CIRTL Practitioner - Engage

CIRTL practitioners deepen their understanding of effective teaching and learning and engage in Teaching-as-Research. They will demonstrate this by planning a Teaching-as-Research project, participating in a Teaching-as-Research project planning learning community, and successfully completing GRAD 6001 or 25 additional hours of CIRTL programming.

CIRTL Scholar - Advance & Disseminate

CIRTL Scholars advance teaching and learning, and make the results public. They demonstrate this by completing a Teaching-as-Research project, participating in a Teaching-as-Research project implementation and dissemination learning community, and presenting or publishing their findings to a wide audience.