Sample syllabi

Colleagues around the university have offered their syllabi as samples for anyone looking to create or adjust their syllabus.



Alexandra Paxton, PSYC 1100 General Psychology I

Christine Ballestrini, DMD1102 Digital Media & Design Design Lab 2

Cara Battersby, PHYS1025Q_Introductory Astronomy with Laboratory

Stephen C. Stifano, COMM 2000Q Research Methods in Communication

Multiple instructors, ANTH 1000W Peoples and Cultures of the World

Tom Deans, ENGL 2730W Travel Writing

Daniel Bolnick, EEB 3245 Evolutionary Medicine

Stefanie Acevedo, Syllabus Policies and Resources Addendum



Stefanie Acevedo, MUSI 5302 Analytical Techniques

Jennifer Eigo, OPIM 5604 Predictive Modeling