Sample syllabi

Colleagues around the university have offered their syllabi as samples for anyone looking to create or adjust their syllabus.



Clifford Nelson ACCT 2101 Managerial Accounting

Micki McElya, HIST 1502 – United States History since 1877

Laura Donorfio, HDFS 3277 – Issues in Human Sexuality

Rachael Lynch, ENGL 3122 – Irish Literature in English since 1939

Nan Taylor, PSYC 2300 – Abnormal Psychology



Frank Mack, DRAM 5121 – Governance & Leadership for the Arts

Alan Marcus, EDCI 5830 – Teaching History with Films and Museums

Sandy Bell, EDLR 5201-001: Influences on Adult Learning

Sally Reis, EPSY 5710 – Introduction to Gifted Education and Talent Development