CETL Outstanding Adjunct Awards

The nominees for this award are limited to adjunct faculty with teaching service to the University. The individuals considered for this recognition show a commitment to teaching, demonstrated knowledge of pedagogy, and an interest in fostering innovative teaching practices at the University.

It is intended that up to two such Outstanding Adjuncts will be honored and each awarded a stipend of $2,500.

The Outstanding Adjunct Awards will be presented at the CETL Reception in April, engage in a number of teaching and learning activities including participation in workshops developed by CETL.

Who is Eligible?

It is intended that up to two such Outstanding Adjuncts will be honored and each awarded a stipend of $2,500. These individuals have a continual dedication to teaching at the University, at least once a semester per year over a 5-year period to the University.

Nomination Procedure

This year, deans and department heads will nominate eligible faculty for the CETL Outstanding Adjunct Award based on the criteria above. Faculty will be notified of their candidacy by November 27th and will have seven weeks to complete an awards supplemental packet which is due on January 13th. A committee of former teaching fellows will review the nominations and determine the winners of the 2020 Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning Awards. Winners will be announced on March 9th and honored at the CETL Awards Reception on April 14, 2020.

Outstanding Adjunct Previous Award Winners

  • David Tonn, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Cynthia Frank, Anthropology
  • Edward Orszulak, Educational Psychology
  • Ron Glaz, English, Hartford
  • Stuart Duncan, Music
  • Jeannette Wick, Pharmacy Practice
  • Marianne Cavanaugh, Mathematics
  • No awardee this year
  • Jann Leppien, Educational Psychology
  • Cara Vickers, Art & Art History
  • No awardee this year
  • Steven Kalb, Journalism
  • Lynne Rogers, English (Avery Point)
  • Laurie Wolfley, English (Avery Point)
  • Mark Naigles, Mathematics
  • Lori A. Smolin, Nutritional Sciences
  • Tamarah Kohanski, English
  • Sydney Plum, English

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