Establishing an Effective Classroom Environment, Aug. 2016

How can you create a positive classroom environment in your courses?

Effective classroom management entails meticulous planning but also a readiness to switch gears and move away from the script when necessary.  It requires firm control but also a willingness to relinquish that control to take advantage of a teachable moment.  It requires leadership but also a sense of compassion and understanding of your students.

Consider these techniques as you develop your classroom management style:

  • Begin to establish an effective environment on the first day of class
  • Interact with students right away
  • Be prepared to respond to challenges:
    • What will you do if students consistently arrive unprepared?
    • How will you handle disruptive students?
    • How can you encourage quiet or shy students to become engaged?
    • Should you post your lectures, slides, in-class materials, etc., online?
  • Engage, Engage, Engage

Refer to Classroom Management on the CETL website for more details on establishing an effective environment and managing your classroom.