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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
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Peter Diplock
Assistant Vice Provost CETL

Peter provides unit-wide leadership for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), including thought leadership for the University’s online initiatives, teaching and learning initiatives, and online and blended programs.


Kathleen Carnelli
Executive Assistant to Assistant Vice Provost CETL
Kathleen provides direct administrative support to the Assistant Vice Provost, CETL including calendar management, meeting coordination, and managing day to day inquiries and correspondence.


Michael Jones
Director of Finance
Rowe Center, UNIT 4001
Michael supports the Assistant Vice Provost for CETL by providing financial and operational guidance for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).  He serves as a business liaison with university administration and academic departments.


Beverly Salcius
Administrative Support CETL
Beverly manages facilities and works with CETL units to support personnel related issues including student employment, hiring, and payroll.

Faculty and Teaching Assistant Development


Aynsley Diamond
Director of Faculty Outreach and Engagement
Aynsley supports university-wide efforts to enhance student learning outcomes by partnering with faculty and schools to advance teaching, particularly at regional campuses and in adjuncts and in residence faculty.


Suzanne LaFleur
Director of Faculty Development 
Suzanne’s focus is Faculty Development. She consults with faculty and teaching assistants on teaching and learning issues, individual courses, mid-semester formative evaluations, SETs, and documentation of teaching. She also develops resources and programs related to teaching and learning.

Martina Rosenberg

Martina Rosenberg
Director, Teaching & Learning Assessment

Martina collaborates with faculty to develop a culture and practices of teaching effectiveness through SET+ and the use of formative and summative assessments founded in evidence-based pedagogy and professional growth, along with conducting observations, consultations, and workshops.

Wayne Trembly

Wayne Trembly
Academic Specialist

Wayne spent 50 years teaching everything from 4th grade through graduate courses, along with his career as an actor and community theater director. He assists faculty through observations, consults, and workshops, particularly on using actor's skills in the classroom.

Tina Huey

Tina Huey
Academic Specialist

Stacey Valliere

Stacey Valliere
Admin. Assistant for Faculty Development
Stacey provides direct support to the director, coordinates FDP meetings as well as lunchtime seminars, orientations, and receptions.

Affiliated Faculty Partners

Tom Wolf

John-Andrew Ballantine, PhD
Assistant Director, Faculty Development
(860) 486-2579
Andy is an Associate Professor in Residence in the Department of Geography.  In his role as Assistant Director of Faculty Development, Andy works with other faculty in areas of service learning and innovative educational technologies (e.g. VR for field trips). 


Sarira Motaref, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Director of Faculty Development
(860) 486-2731
261 Glenbrook Road, Unit 3037
Sarira is an Assistant Professor in Residence in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the School of Engineering. As Assistant Director, she collaborates to enhance teaching and learning effectiveness in engineering courses and the Continuing and Distance Engineering Education program.


Xinnian Chen
Assistant Director, Faculty Development

(860) 486-6169
Xinnian is an Associate Professor in Residence in Physiology and Neurobiology. She teaches Enhanced Human Anatomy and Physiology and runs the HHMI-funded Summer Institute on STEM Teaching training program. As Associate Director, she works to advance evidence based approaches to learning and systematic assessment of pedagogical innovations.

Thomas Van Hoof

Thomas J. Van Hoof, MD, EdD
Assistant Director, Faculty Development
(860) 486-0575
Storrs Hall, Unit 4026
Tom Van Hoof is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Medicine & Health Care in the School of Medicine. In his role as Assistant Director, Tom works with faculty to use learning science to develop effective habits of learning in STEM students to better prepare them for professional careers.


Amit Savkar
Assistant Director of Faculty Development Programs
Amit is an Associate Professor in Residence in Mathematics. Amit's focus is on classroom instruction using technology to enhance pedagogy. He draws on his unique background in Engineering, Mathematics, and Education to help improve teaching through classroom observation, interpretation of SETs, and creation of plans to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Tom Wolf

John Redden, PhD
Assistant Director, Faculty Development
(860) 486-4708
Torry Life Science Building, Unit 3156
John is an Assistant Professor in Residence in the department of Physiology and Neurobiology. In his role as Assistant Director of Faculty Development, John works with faculty working to integrate technology into large course formats and those interested in service learning, 

eCampus Program Development and Support


Donna Lee Campbell
Enrollment Service Specialist
Donna works with program partners to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plans for graduate certificate programs. She works to ensure consistency and transparency in the enrollment inquiry process and supports faculty and staff in promoting student retention and success.


Neal Olderman
Director, State Authorization
Neal is responsible for securing state authorization for UConn’s distance learning programs.  He works closely with eCampus staff, Academic Program Directors, Office of General Counsel, Office of the Provost, and various state regulatory and professional licensure boards.



William Page
Marketing Coordinator
Bill provides marketing support for academic program partners, including survey research, planning, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, website development, tracking, and analysis.

Sue Schadt

Susan Schadt
Digital Marketing and Web Strategist
Rowe Center, UNIT 4001
Sue is responsible for planning, developing, executing graphic design, web-design, and marketing strategies needed to support the marketing and communication plans of all CETL units and eCampus partner Academic Programs. 


CETL Data Analytics


William Wan
Data Systems Analyst, Office of Summer
and Winter Programs



Jeff Winston
Data Base Systems & Solutions

Rowe Center, UNIT 4001

Jeff is responsible for the development and maintenance of applications related  to data capturing, sharing, and analysis, in support of faculty and TA training programs and university advising practice. 


eCampus Instructional Design and Development

Desmond McCaffrey

Desmond McCaffrey
Director, Instructional Design
Associate Director, eCampus

Desmond leads institutional initiatives and processes necessary for the design, development, and delivery of quality online, blended, and flipped courses. He oversees the instructional design team, designs and delivers faculty development and training programs, and collaborates on process improvements across University units that work to enhance online learning and teaching outcomes.

Cheryl Sellers

Cheryl Sellers
Administrative Assistant, eCampus
Cheryl provides direct support to eCampus administrators and staff, and administrative support for faculty working with eCampus staff, including coordination of calendars and eCampus meetings. She also maintains online course databases.

David Des Armier

David Des Armier
Instructional Designer
David works with faculty to design and develop online, blended, and flipped courses. He is currently finishing his PhD in adult and postsecondary education. He conducts research focusing on active learning, student connectedness, and online adult learners. He has extensive experience teaching both face-to-face and online in higher education.

Betsy Guala

Betsy Guala
Instructional Designer
Betsy works with UConn faculty to design and develop student-centered instruction for fully online and blended courses. Betsy has a special interest in accessibility, ADA compliance and Universal Design of Instruction (UDI).


Cathy Healy
Instructional Designer
Cathy works with faculty to design and develop high-quality online and hybrid courses for students. In addition, she collaborates with her eCampus colleagues to develop and facilitate faculty development workshops on a variety of topics related to online teaching and learning.


David Morrow
eLearning Developer
David works with faculty and instructional design staff to develop and implement online and blended courses. He recommends and implements instructional solutions through the use of technology grounded in educational theory and instructional design precepts

Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker
Instructional Designer
Jennifer provides faculty instructional design and technology support for the creation and implementation of online, hybrid, and flipped courses.

Tim Stubbs

Tim Stubbs
Instructional Designer
Tim collaborates with faculty members to design and develop online and blended courses.


Eileen Stuyniski
Instructional Designer
Eileen uses her pedagogical and technological expertise to collaborate with UConn faculty as they transform their traditional face-to-face courses and programs into high quality online and blended learning experiences.

Zack Goldberg

Zack Goldberg
Instructional Designer
As an instructional designer with over 15 years of classroom and online teaching and instructional design, Zack collaborates with faculty members to design and develop student-centered online and hybrid/blended courses.

Educational Technologies and Learning Initiatives

Lauren Schlesselman

Lauren Schlesselman
Director, Learning Initiatives & Ed Tech
Lauren leads initiatives, such as CETL grants, aimed at assessing and improving student learning and increasing the scholarship of teaching and learning. Given her background as a pharmacy faculty member, Lauren focuses on advancing STEM learning initiatives and pedagogically sound use of educational technology. Lauren is also responsible for student-facing services (Q Center, Writing Center, Testing Center).


Gordon Daigle
Media Producer
Gordon works with faculty and staff to produce custom, high-definition media in support of education and instruction, and in support of eCampus supported academic programs.

Daniel Facchinetti

Daniel Facchinetti
LMS Faculty Development Specialist
Dan provides guidance to faculty on learning HuskyCT and using it as a complement to their teaching. He conducts workshops, demonstrations, and individual training sessions for faculty on the use of the learning management system and its application to pedagogy, as well as providing day-to-day LMS support.



Michael Illuzzi
Media Producer
Mike works with faculty and staff to produce custom, high-definition media in support of education and instruction, and in support of eCampus supported academic programs.

Karen Skudlarek

Karen Skudlarek
Computer Tech Support
Karen supports faculty in their use, adoption, and integration of educational technologies, including UConn's Lightboard, CETL Hi-Tech Video Recording Rooms, iClickers Student Response System, Mediasite Desktop Recorder, Virtual Reality, and CETL C-3PO

University Advising

Open Position

Position currently open
University Advising

860 486-0457
Rowe Center, UNIT 4001

Through assessment, coordination and programming, the Director of University Advising provides advising support for faculty and staff advisors at all UConn's schools, colleges and campuses.



Kelly Gilbert
Administrative Services Support
University Advising

Rowe Center, UNIT 4227
Kelly provides direct administrative support to University Advising. She collaborates with departments and advisors and serves as the primary office resource for communicating programmatic information.

Testing Center

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson
Program Manager, CETL
Arjona Bulding, Room 110, Unit ?
Gary is responsible for the daily operation of the University’s Testing Center located in Arjona 109 and 115 where more than 10,000 exams are administered each semester.  The Testing Center is also an authorized MCAT Testing Facility. 



Quantitative Learning Center

Amit Savkar

Amit Savkar
Director, Q Center
Amit is the director of the Quantitative Learning Center.  He supervises the educational operations of the Q Center - tutoring, workshops, review sessions, training programs - and provides feedback for academic departments across the university about their quantitative courses based on the visitor data gathered at the Q Center.

Diane Briody

Diane Briody
Program Assistant, Q Center
Diane coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Q Center. She handles the hiring, supervising and scheduling of the tutoring staff, manages the budget, organizes review sessions, and facilitates training workshops for tutors.

Writing Center

Tom Deans

Tom Deans
Director, W Center
Tom oversees all Writing Center operations and leads workshops for faculty and graduate instructors on how they might more effectively teach writing in the disciplines; he is also a professor in the English Department, where he teaches courses in writing, rhetoric, and literature.


Kathleen Tonry
Associate Director, W Center
Kathleen leads tutor staff development and training. She is also a professor in the English department, with research interests in medieval literature and Writing Center studies.

Margie Ouimette

Margie Ouimette
Program Assistant, W Center
Margie manages the daily operations and scheduling in the Writing Center. She also coordinates and maintains the website, manages personnel, payroll, and budget records, and schedules tutor talks.

Office of Early College Experience


Brian A. Boecherer
Executive Director, OECP
Brian provides leadership for the Office of Early College Programs (OECP) and is the Director of the Early College Experience (ECE) program. Prior to assuming leadership of OECP, Brian was responsible for program expansion and improvement, technology advancement, and providing on-site outreach to high schools.

Melanie Ochoa

Melanie Banks 
Program Assistant, Academic Standards
Phone: 860-486-3419

Melanie Ochoa is the Program Assistant for Academic Standards at the Office of Early College Programs. Melanie is responsible for supporting accreditation standards by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships to improve course comparability of the UConn courses offered at the high schools.



Erin Blanchette
Administrative Coordinator, OECP
Erin provides administrative support to the ECE Director. She is also responsible for administrative and fiscal management as well as student billing.

Todd Blodgett

Todd Blodgett
Program Asst, Registration Coord. OECP
Todd is responsible for coordinating the registration process of ECE courses with partner high schools and facilitates course creation with the Registrar's Office.


Jessica Dunn
Registration Specialist, OECP
Jessica is the Registration Specialist for the Early College Experience Program (ECE). Jessica is responsible for managing the student registration process, and providing program and administrative support to ECE students and faculty.


Stefanie Malinoski
Instructor Certification Coordinator
Stefanie is responsible for maintaining program records and ECE professional development workshops. She also manages the instructor certification process.

Nella Quasnitschka

Nella Quasnitschka
Associate Director OECP
Nella is responsible for developing and strengthening the Early College Experience Program's academic relationships with the more than 170 partner high schools throughout Connecticut.  In addition, she provides leadership for UConn's Pre-College Summer Program.

Carissa Rutkauskas

Carissa Rutkauskas
Program Coordinator for Outreach and Evaluation, OECP
Carissa responsibilities include program assessment, evaluation, and research initiatives for OECP; program information and national trends; developing programs at the high school level; and OECP website and marketing coordination.

Jack Greenwood

Jack Greenwood
Biling Specialist, OECP
Jack is responsible for the ECE student billing and collections processes.  He also assists CETL with the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) follow-up plans and communication systems.

Office of Summer and Winter Programs

Mary George

David Colberg
Faculty Contracts Coordinator,
Office of Summer and Winter Programs

Dave is the Faculty Contracts Coordinator for the office of Summer and Winter Programs. His responsibilities include working with Human Resources to process Special Payroll Authorization requests, the distribution of offer letters to instructors and payroll. Dave also supports day-to-day operations of the program.

Kelly Racine

Kelly Racine
Business Manager, Office of Summer
and Winter Programs

Kelly serves as liaison for student and business services with Regional Campuses, Schools and Colleges, and University central offices.  She supports operational and financial areas, oversees faculty payroll, and assists departments in planning and scheduling offerings.