WinMac is software that allows polling in Windows and reviewing results on a Mac
If you would like to use UConn’s classroom PC to poll your class, and then use a Mac in your office to review results, WinMac is for you. Follow these instructions to download and start using WinMac.  

Instructions to set up your software

  • Download the file (below) on a Mac.
  • Move software to your P: drive or a USB device so you can run it from a classroom computer.
  • You can run the iclicker.exe on Windows and iclicker on Mac which will direct all read/write files to the same Classes folder.
  • WARNING: Do not to copy, paste, manipulate, or do anything with the Mac files while using a Windows machine.

WinMac i>clicker Version 7.4.6 Software Download
WinMac i>clicker software download


USB Flash Drive image