Early College Experience (ECE)

UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is a concurrent enrollment program that allows motivated high school students to take UConn courses at their high schools for both high school and college credit. Every course taken through UConn ECE is equivalent to the same course at the University of Connecticut. Students benefit by taking college courses in a warm setting that is both familiar and conducive to learning. High school instructors who have been certified through the University of Connecticut serve as adjunct faculty members and teach UConn ECE courses without ever leaving their schools.

Established in 1955, UConn ECE is the nation’s longest running concurrent enrollment program and is nationally accredited by the  National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Your students and UConn ECE: Several students entering UConn from Connecticut high schools will have taken one or more UConn ECE courses at their local high schools. Students can choose from about 60 courses in 25 disciplines and, although most courses are at the 1000 level, a handful are at the 2000 and 3000 level. UConn faculty representatives from each of these departments serve as UConn ECE coordinators to ensure that the courses offered at Connecticut high schools are comparable to those conducted on a UConn campus.

Do not presume that fall courses with prerequisites will attract only seasoned college students. Keep in mind that your students may have taken their prerequisites as UConn ECE courses in high school. Thus, it is not unusual for a freshman to take an upper-level course in, say, English in his or her very first semester at UConn.

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