Teaching Exemplars Network (TEN)

TEN is a network of exemplary teachers who have opened their classrooms to faculty and graduate students who would like to observe excellent teaching pedagogy in practice so that they can incorporate those practices in their own disciplines.

Please be aware that not all practices will be observed on all days—one class is a snapshot in time; observing on more than one day, and in multiple courses (even outside your own discipline) is recommended.  

Observable Classes:

Please do not e-mail instructors directly. To schedule an observation, please email itlexemplars@uconn.edu, or copy and paste our e-mail address into your e-mail application.

Download the Observation Guidebook and Bloom’s Taxonomy to read up on teaching techniques and strategies you might observe and to record your observations and reflections about how you might use those observed methods.

To learn more about TEN, contact the Institute for Teaching and Learning.