Teaching Seminars

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers teaching seminars each semester to help interested faculty, graduate students, and instructors improve their teaching effectiveness and course management skills. These seminars provide opportunities to gather with colleagues to listen, discuss, interact, learn about, and reflect on a number of topics to enhance teaching and learning.

See the Teaching Seminar Schedule for descriptions of upcoming sessions.

Reservations are required and are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. To make a reservation, you must complete the online registration form. If you have signed up for a workshop and are not able to attend, your colleagues would appreciate it if you unregistered, as we often have others who would like to register.

Your feedback is also important, as it helps us to focus and plan a more diverse program.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning also welcomes suggestions or requests for possible seminars; contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (860-486-2686).