Recording Technologies

Note: You may need to close caption a video.  If a students needs that accommodation, please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities.  If staff or faculty need the accommodation, please contact HR.  And all others will need to arrange it through their department.

Video Recording Best Practices


Kaltura is a cloud-based media capture, storage and hosting application.  This application is integrated with Husky CT, the University’s learning management system, and provides instructors with the capability to integrate videos, audio (podcasts), or images into their courses as well as add a quiz to the video.  In addition, students can create and upload videos for homework assignments.

Lightboard Recording Studio

The lightboard is one of our lecture recording tools in a recording studio that allows instructors to face the camera while also writing on a transparent surface. By using glass instead of a whiteboard or Smartboard the instructor can interact with the content in new ways. It engages and captures students’ attention with eye contact and gestures. It’s ideal for STEM fields but appropriate for any discipline.

UConn Recording Rooms

There are two recording rooms available, in the Library HBL 3110 and the Lightboard in Rowe 425. Click here to see the rooms and to reserve them.

CETL Video Editing and Design Space (Rowe 422)

Ed Tech has created a video edit and design space to allow you to edit your videos or add captioning with our amazing staff nearby if you have questions.

360° Video/VR

Faculty can record immersive videos using equipment from CETL. We have a single and multiple camera setups that can capture your surroundings in 360°. Make an appointment to borrow the equipment click here. To see an example of it check out a video from Marine Sciences on our YouTube Channel (you must use Chrome or Firefox to see the video properly).


Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform audio software.  It’s an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for multiple operating systems.  The audio file can be shared in a number a ways including Kaltura.

Equipment Loans

You can request to borrow a camera, tripod, microphone (lavalier), or Microsoft Surface Pro laptop or tablet for instructional purposes.