Large Course Redesign Award Winners

CETL is pleased to announce the winners of the Large Course Redesign Grant. The Large Course Redesign Grant initiative is aimed at “making large courses feel small” through the integration of pedagogy with technology and active learning.

Submissions were evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Enrollment of 100+ students in very large sections or a large number of smaller sections;
  • Identifiable academic problem or opportunity;
  • Whole course redesign;
  • Provision of significantly more active and learner-centered experience;
  • Integration of educational technology;
  • Assessment of mastery of learning; and
  • Resource efficiency.

Congratulations to the Previous Large Course Redesign Grant winners:

2016 Course Faculty
ENGR 1166 Daniel Burkey, Jason Lee, Jeffrey McCutcheon, Jeffrey Meunier, Sarira Motaref, Jennifer Pascal
PHYS 1025 Katherine Whitaker, Cara Battersby, Jonathan Trump
PNB 2264/2265 John Redden, Kristen Kimball, Radmila Filipovic


2017 Courses Faculty
CHEM 1127/1128 Clyde Cady
ENGL 1010/1011 Lisa Blansett, Brenda Brueggemann
PNB 2274/2275 Xinnian Chen, Geoffrey Tanner