iTV (Interactive Television)

cueiTV provides technical solutions for both synchronous and asynchronous content delivery. We focus on assisting faculty to effectively integrate these technologies into their courses or seminars.


Videoconferencing facilities are located at the Storrs campus, as well as the regional campuses. The videoconferencing systems allow ITL to connect one or more sites regionally, nationally, and internationally for scheduled classes, administrative meetings and other conferences.

All instructors interested in offering an iTV course are encouraged to contact us two semesters in advance.

Asynchronous, one-way streaming, and recording:

ITL utilizes Mediasite for lecture capture and streaming/recording. Click here for a list of Mediasite ready lecture halls, classrooms, and conference rooms. In addition to the room based Mediasite systems, we also support Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR), which is an application you can install on your computer to create content.

iTV also has two recording studios located in the Rowe building available to faculty.

To discuss the use of these facilities please contact iTV at 860-486-6540 or email us at