Teaching Excellence at UConn!

Thank you for attending the third annual Faculty Teaching Workshop sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. This year we featured workshops dedicated to the best practices in teaching and learning, effective presentation techniques in education, utilization of technology in the classroom, and many more. Please browse the page to view some of the research posters that were on display.

Many expressed interest in each of the presentations during the workshop. We have them available below for you to download. 

Faculty Teaching Workshop

Provost Mini-Grant Award Winner Poster Presentation

Faculty Workshop Presentations








Cross Cutural Competence in the Classroom: It Begins With You!
By Joelle A. Murchison

Ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.








I Have No Idea What I Am Doing: HuskyCT Therapy
By Dan Facchinetti, CETL-Educational Technologies

Your relationship with HuskyCT: Are you getting what you want?, Am I normal?: Common HuskyCT questions/issues, Take your relationship to the next level. Did you know you could…, Things to consider as you plan future teaching, Things fall apart. Now what? (or, Who can help?), Let it all out: Open discussion and Q&A








Creating Communities of Practice to Support Teaching
By Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Joshua Abreu, Jillian Ives

What is a Community of Practice?, The Benefits of Communities of Practice, and more.

Presentation 7







Being Present in the Classroom: Focus Flexibility, and Improvisation
By Wayne Trembly

What does it mean to be fully present- as the instructor, as the student… Think about what it felt like at a time when you achieved it. What were the benefits? In what ways did it enhance learning or teaching?

Presentation 4








Strategic Approach for Impactful Teaching
By Peter Diplock

Impactful Teaching is anchored in good research, and the research says…Remember and reclaim 'what inspires you', Promote Faculty Student Interaction, Promote student-to-student interaction, Promote active learning, Communicate high expectations....more.

Presentation 5








Slideshows, Multimedia, and Explosions: Designing Engaging Presentations
By Stephen c. Stifano, Ph.D., Department of Communication

Key Principles of Design, Slideshow Best Practices, Storytelling, and more.

Presentation 6







So Your Advise Wants to Take an Online Course?
By Desmond McCaffrey, UConn eCampus

What you should be able to do..., Your Perceptions?, What's the difference?, Student Perceptions?, What does eCampus do?, What does quality look like?, How about variation between courses? How will you share this with students?, and more.