Rename, Move, Hide, Show, Delete Links in Navigation Menu

PDF Version: Edit the Navigation Menu.pdf

Whenever you want to work in your course and make changes, “Edit Mode” must be turned on. This button is found at the upper right of your screen when inside a course site where you are the instructor

Edit Mode switch set to "ON"

1. Activate the option menu

Mouse over the link you wish to edit and click on the gray circle with the down arrow, this will load the option menu

Option menu


2. Choose an Action

Rename Link: Makes the name field editable, save changes with the green check

"Rename Link" Highlighted in option menuLink Rename Text Box

Hide Link: Hides link from students, a square with a line indicates the hidden status

Hide Link highlighted in option menuHidden Link symbol

Show Link: Option only available for hidden links

Show Link highlighted in option menu

Delete Link: Removes a link from the menu after a series of warning and confirmation pop-ups

1. Press the “Delete” Button

Delete highlighted in navigation menu

2. Click “Delete Content”

Delete content confirmation

3. Click “Delete” to finalize

Delete Content secondary confirmation

NOTE: If there is content in the area being deleted this will be indicated in the warning message. If there are Folders or Assignments, these will also be permanently deleted and would need to be recreated

Moving Links:

1. Click on the arrow, hold the mouse button down, and then move up or down

Double arrow in navigation menu highlighted