Content Types

PDF Version: Content Types.pdf

Types of Content:

Various content types highlighted in the "Build Content" menu

Item: Created using a built-in text editor that can include text, images, tables, etc. directly to a Content Area/Content Folder page.

File: Browse your computer or Content Collection to add a file that was created outside of HuskyCT such as PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

Web Link: Provide users with a link to an external site.

Learning Module: Organizes multiple content items into a collection with links in a Table of Contents that is generated during the build process.

Content Folder: A page which allows for the addition of all content types using “Build Content”, “Assessments”, “Tools”, and “Publisher Content”

YouTube Video: A “Mashup” that allows for easy embedding of YouTube content.

NOTE: When adding a file or a web link, be sure it is set to “Open in New Window”



Examples of “Build Content” Options

Example of what each type of content looks like

Standard Options: Available for all types of content

Standard options menu

File Options: It is highly recommended to click “Yes” on “Open in New Window” for Files and Web Links

"Yes" highlighted next to "Open in New Window"


Organizing Content Types on a Page:

Re-arranging content on a page: Mouse over the area to the left of the icon or link until the 4 headed arrow appears. Click and hold the mouse button down while you drag up or down and then release the mouse.

Draggable section of content

Hiding/Showing content on a page: Click the gray down arrow for the options menu, and choose “Edit”. Choose either “Yes” or “No” next to “Permit Users to View this Content”, and click submit when done.

Content edit menu"Permit Users to View this Content" set to "Yes"

Removing content from a page: Click the gray down arrow for the options menu, and choose “Delete”. Click on the Submit button when done

Delete highlighted in content menu