Changing a Syllabus File in HuskyCT

PDF Version: Changing a Syllabus File in HuskyCT.pdf

When restoring or copying over a course, the Syllabus will often need to be updated or changed. There are two ways to do this, depending on how the original Syllabus was added into HuskyCT.

Step 1: Navigate to the Content Area or Folder where the Syllabus is currently posted

OPTION 1: Click on a Content Area Link in the navigation menu

Content Area Link

OPTION 2: Click on a Content Folder Link on a content page

Content Folder Link


Step 2: Edit the Syllabus File

OPTION 1: If the Syllabus File was added using the Build Content button and “File”

1. Click on the gray option menu arrow next to the old Syllabus link and then choose “Edit”

Edit File Menu

2. Click on “Select a Different File”

Select a Different File

3. Enter a name for the link to the Syllabus, then click on “Browse My Computer” and select the desired Syllabus file

File Menu

4. Verify that the new file has been added, and that the file is set to open in a new window

Open in New Window

5. Click Submit

Submit Button

OPTION 2: If the Syllabus was added using the Build Content button and “Syllabus”

If the Syllabus was added using this method, it will look like this in HuskyCT:

Syllabus File


1. Click on the gray down arrow next to the Syllabus link and choose “Edit”

2. Use “Browse My Computer” to select the new Syllabus file, which will appear at the bottom

New Syllabus File in Attached Files Menu

3. Mark the old file for removal

Mark file for removal

4. Click Submit

Submit Button

The Attached File should now be the new Syllabus file

New Syllabus File in HuskyCT