Building Basics for HuskyCT Courses

PDF Version: Building Basics for HuskyCT Courses

Instructors have options to build the main left-hand navigation menu in their HuskyCT site to create “Content Areas” where files and activities such as course materials, Assignments, Tests, and many other features can be posted. Instructors may also post links to specific HuskyCT tool areas such as Announcements and the Discussion Board.

Whenever you want to work in your course and make changes, “Edit Mode” must be turned on. This button is found at the upper right of your screen when inside a course site where you are the instructor. 

Edit Mode switch set to "ON"

Adding Links to the Main Course Menu

1. Click on the “+” icon at the upper left-hand corner of the course menu

Click the plus in the left hand corner of the menu

2. Choose the type of link you want to add. The most commonly used types are circled

Menu with "Content Area", "Tool Link", and "Web Link" highlighted

3. Name the link, check box to make available (visible to students), and click Submit.

In the add content area menu, Name and Available to Users are highlightedIn the Add Tool Link menu, Name and "Available to Users" are highlighted