Basic Steps for Adding Content

PDF Version: Basic Steps for Adding Content.pdf

Instructors need to manually add content and content areas to their courses. This content can be added to a content area or a folder.

Adding a Content Area Link to the Navigation Menu

1. Click on the “+” icon at the upper left-hand corner of the navigation menu, then click on Content Area

"+" and "Content Area" in menu highlighted

NOTE: If you do not see the “+” sign, you are either in Edit Mode OFF or you have changed your menu view to “Folder” and will need to change it to “List”

2. Enter a name for the Content Area, check the box next to “Available to Users”, and then click “Submit”

Name entry menu for adding a content area

The new Content Area link will appear at the bottom of the menu. A small gray square icon indicates that the Content Area has no content.

"No Content" symbol

3. After clicking on the new link to load the new Content Area, use the buttons at the top of the screen to add different types of content to the page

Build Content Menu


Adding a File to a Content Area or Folder

1. Navigate to the Content Area or Folder where the content will be added

2. To add a file that you have created, click on the “Build Content” button, then on “File”

"File" highlighted in "Build Content" menu

3. Click on “Browse My Computer” and select the file to be added to the Content Area or Folder

"Browse My Computer" highlighted in file select menu

4. The file name will appear at the bottom. Enter a name for the link. This name does not need to match the file name

Name, File Name, and File Type highlighted in the File Select menu

5. (OPTIONAL): Click on “Yes” next to “Open in New Window”

"Open in New Window" set to "Yes"

6. Click Submit

Submit Button