Adding a Syllabus File to HuskyCT

PDF Version: Adding a Syllabus File in HuskyCT.pdf

Step 1: Navigate to the Content Area or Folder

Option 1: Click on a Content Area Link in the navigation menu e.g. “Course Overview and Syllabus”

Example of content Area Link in the navigation menu

Option 2: Click on a Content Folder Link on a content page

Content Folder present within a content page

Step 2: Add the Syllabus File to the Content Area or Folder

Option 1: Using “File”

1. Click on the “Build Content” button, then on “File”

Build Content Button with "File" highlighted in the "Create" menu

2. Enter a name for the link to the Syllabus, then click on “Browse My Computer” and select the desired Syllabus file. If the wrong file is chosen, use “Select a Different File”.

Syllabus Name, Browse My Computer, and Select a Different File are all highlighted in the File menu.

3. Verify that the new file has been added, and that the file is set to open in a new window

File Name and Open in New Window

4. Click Submit

Submit Button Highlighted


Option 2: Using “Syllabus”

1. Click the “Build Content” button, then “Syllabus”

Build Content Menu with Syllabus Button Highlighted

2. Enter a name for the Syllabus, Select the option “Use Existing File”, and use “Browse My Computer” to select the file

Name and Syllabus Options with Name Entry Box Highlighted and Use Existing File and Browse My Computer Highlighted

3. Verify that the file name appears at the bottom

Syllabus File Highlighted under "Attached Files"

4. Click Submit on this screen and the next

Submit Button

5. This is how the new Syllabus will look on the Content Page

File name shows under "Attached Files"