Student Help

Frequently asked questions.
i>clicker boxesQ. If I respond to a question multiple times in class will it count?
A. i>clicker will only record your last response so you can press your clicker button more than once and change your mind if you like.  Only your last click will count.

Q. Will my i>clicker (the older model) work in an i>clicker 2 class?
A: Yes, but it can only respond to multiple choice questions.  Check with your professor to make sure use of an i>clicker instead of an i>clicker 2 is okay.

Q. Can I use REEF Polling in class instead of purchasing an i>clicker remote?
A: Use of REEF Polling depends on your professor. If your professor allows the use of laptops and smartphones in class and activates REEF Polling, then you can use it. Check with your professor before you purchase REEF Polling.  Learn more about REEF Polling

Q. If I have registered my clicker on HuskyCT for one class do I have to register it again for others?

A. No.  Once you have registered your clicker in HuskyCT it is registered for all of your classes.  In fact, if you registered any time starting January 2013, you should not need to register again during your career at UConn.

Q. I need my clicker for two classes so I registered in both.  But when I registered for the second class it looks like I’m no longer registered in the first class. What do I do?
A. The confirmation message you got can be confusing.  You only need to register your clicker once, even if you have multiple classes.  In fact, after you have registered your clicker once you shouldn’t need to register it ever again at UConn.

Q. I registered my clicker but I’m not getting any clicker points in class. How can I fix this?  Have I lost my points?
A. The most common cause of this problem is that you have made an mistake in your registration.  This is easy to fix by simply registering your clicker again (you can register multiple times, no harm done).  If you have re-registered and still don’t get points, ask your instructor to please re-sync the class roster. It is important to note that all of your clicker points are saved, even if you aren’t properly registered.  Once you have registered those points associated with your clicker will be assigned to you.

Q. My roommate and I both need clickers for classes on different days.  Can we share one clicker?
A. Yes.  With i>clicker more than one student can register and use a single device as long as it is not in the same class.  You can each register the clicker and use it in different classes.  The only problem that may arise is if you end up in the same clicker class in the future, in which case one of you will need to “unregister.”  To unregister a clicker, go to the HuskyCT class site, click on i>clicker Registration, find the clicker in the Registered Remote ID list.  On the right side under Action click Remove, Are you sure? Yes.

Q. I attempted to register my iclicker for class but it would not work; the error message says that it is a duplicate number. I have used this clicker for previous classes and I also allowed a friend of mine to use it last semester.
A. Your friend will need to “unregister” your clicker by going into HuskyCT and clicking on the clicker registration tool in the left margin.  On the registration page below the Submit box, find your Remote by the ID number and click “Remove” to unregister.

Q. I tried to register for REEF Polling online but cannot find UConn as my school.  What am I doing wrong?
A. The problem you are experiencing may have to do with the zip code you entered when setting up the account. i>clicker uses only one zip code for the University of Connecticut, the Storrs zip: 06269. If you already entered another zip code it is easy to fix: launch the app, press the Account button, then Edit, and press the Select your School section which will bring up the dialog box to enter in the correct zip code (06269).  Then choose the University of Connecticut and click Save.