Register My i>clicker

HuskyCT Registration

Remote ID on back of clicker image
Remote ID (beneath barcode)

Log into HuskyCT, find your course and look for the link that says “Register My Clicker” or something similar. You will need to enter the 8 character Remote ID found on the back of your i>clicker. If you are using REEF Polling you will automatically be registered when you log into your class.

Please note: You only need to register your i>clicker once and it doesn’t matter which class you register for. Once registered for one class you are registered for all of your classes.

Lost Clicker?
If you lost your clicker you will probably need to replace and register a new one to continue to receive credit in class.  IMPORTANT: Don’t un-register your old clicker!  You can get credit for old clicker and new clicker responses, but only if you leave your old clicker registered. i>clicker will allow you to register multiple clickers so register your new one and leave the old registration alone.