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Channels/Receiver Base

Q. The channel in my classroom is AA.  I set the channel for AB but my students could not use that channel.  Am I supposed to use only AA?

A. i>clicker receiver bases are installed and locked in the teaching station cabinet in all Storrs and Hartford Campuses classrooms.  Because i>clicker uses radio frequencies to receive responses from student clickers, there is a very good possibility that clickers in one classroom could interfere with a poll in another classroom.  For that reason one of 16 available channels is assigned and permanently fixed in each classroom to avoid cross-classroom interference.  Even if you were to change the channel in i>clicker before you began, you cannot override the assigned base channel.  Each classroom has a channel placard mounted behind the teaching station.
If you prefer to bring your own receiver base to class (or must because you use a laptop PC) then you should use the assigned room channel and ignore the “channel already in use” warning OR use a “D” channel.  “D” channels (DA, DB, DC and DD) are reserved for instructor use across campus.*

*With the exception of Laurel Hall which, due its vast number of classrooms, uses the D channels in classrooms as well.

Q. Clickers in my class have a “NO BASE” or “Closed” error message when I try to poll.  The base in this classroom has always worked before, what should I do?

A. Sometimes PCs lose contact with the base, perhaps due to a power interruption.  To get the base recognized again unplug the base and plug it back in or, because it is sometimes difficult to access the base in our tech classrooms, reboot the PC. That usually solves this problem.


Clicker Registration

Q. How can I tell how many students have registered their clickers in my class?

A. There are two ways to see how many students are registered:
1. Open your course in HuskyCT, click Course Tools in the left hand column, i>clicker Instructor Tools, Instructor Report, Submit.
2. Launch i>clicker, Open Gradebook, choose your class. In the left column red names and numbers are unregistered, black names are registered.

Q. I have a student who has registered his clicker, but when I sync the class he still doesn’t show up as registered. What should I do?

A. On occasion a clicker will not automatically sync with the class roster. This can be easily fixed manually but you will need to know the student’s clicker ID number.  Open Gradebook, find the clicker ID number in the list on the left, click on that number to reveal a dialogue box with a drop down list of your students.  Select the student and click Save.  The clicker remote should now be identified as belonging to that student.

Countdown Timer

Q. How can I make the i>clicker timer count down in class instead of counting up?

A. Switching from the default count up timer to a countdown timer is easy to do. Launch i>clicker, open My Settings > Toolbar > select Countdown Timer and choose the time (in increments of :15) > Save.  That’s it.
Note that once you start the timer you cannot pause it, but you can use the little arrows to add time in 20 second increments. Once the timer hits zero the poll closes.


Q. I understand that i>clicker will allow me to collect demographics on my students and filter results. How does that work?

A. Yes, i>clicker has a demographics component that allows users to collect demographic information and then filter (slice) polling results.  However, Demographics is currently not available in version 7 of the software.  If demographic polling is important to you, you can use an older version (6) of the software.  Learn more about how clickers and demographics work in The i>clicker v6 User Guide that has instructions for setting up Demographic questions (see pages 27–29) then polling and showing results (pages 61 – 64).  To obtain i>clicker v6 software for Demographics, send your request to

REEF Polling

Q. I’m getting questions in class about whether students can use the REEF Polling app.  What is it and how does it work?

A. REEF Polling is a mobile classroom response system that allows students to use their laptop or smartphone to vote in class alongside students using i>clicker remotes. It gives students an additional option to purchasing an i>clicker 2 remote. To use REEF Polling you will need to take a few simple steps to activate this feature in your i>clicker My Settings.

 If you are considering REEF Polling for your class there are some things you should be aware of:

  • Students can submit their vote from anywhere which means they can poll from a dorm room, at work or from across the country so cheating is possible.
  • Instructors have no guarantee that their students are using their phones or laptops for learning about the course material; these devices introduce multiple distractions into the classroom.
  • REEF Polling costs for the student:
    6-month subscription – $14.99
    1-year subscription – $23.99
    2-year subscription – $32.99
    4 year subscription – $47.99

There are advantages:

  • Convenience: students don’t have to purchase and carry another device to poll in your class.
  • Students are less likely to forget their laptop or mobile device at home.
  • There could be possible cost savings if a student is only using i>clicker for one semester; however, for longer use, the cost savings would diminish and/or disappear. And if you offer REEF Polling to your students, be mindful that some instructors do not allow open devices in class so students in those classes would need to purchase an i>clicker remote anyway.

If you would like to activate REEF Polling in your class, simply launch i>clicker and click on the REEF Polling tab in My Settings. Follow the activation instructions.


Q. Students who missed classes only see UPCOMING in their “My Grades” section of HuskyCT.  They should see 0! When I look in my HuskyCT Grade Center all I see is “- -”  What is this and how do I fix it?
A. The problem is that students who are absent from a polling session receive “0” points in i>clicker Gradebook, but that translates to “- -” in HuskyCT Grade Center when you upload. Under My Grades the student will only see “UPCOMING.  To fix this please refer to the Zero Problem solution file.

Q. Can I adjust polling results after my class is over?

A. Yes, in Gradebook you can revisit each polling session to select correct answers, adjust points and delete questions or entire sessions.  The i>clicker User Guide explains these options on pages 37 – 60.

Q. One of my students lost his clicker so he had to buy a new one.  How do I get i>clicker/Gradebook to recognize this new clicker as his? 

A. The student can start using the new clicker in class immediately.  But he must also register his new clicker as he did his first in HuskyCT.  (He should leave his old clicker registration in tact.)  Then you must Sync Roster in Gradebook. That should do it.  i>clicker will recognize both his old and new clicker in Gradebook.

Q. I wish to have more than one correct answer in my multiple choice quizzes. How can I do this?

A. Although you can only select one “correct” answer in i>clicker, you can award performance points for more than one answer. To do so open Gradebook and click View at the top of the column you wish to edit.  The Session Summary will open and you will be able to step through each question and assign points to whichever answers you like.  Simply double click in the Points column, change the points accordingly and hit enter.   When you “X” out of the Session Summary your changes will be saved and Gradebook will be updated.

Q. How do I see an individual student’s polls?

A. Each iClicker session is saved in a comma-delimited .CSV file, named according to the date and time the session was held. i>Clicker includes options to export the data which you can then use to see an individual’s responses to iClicker questions.  When you create a course in iClicker a folder is created in the Classes folder (this is found in the folder where you run the iClicker application).  After you’ve run a session you can create Excel reports with the detail of the sessions.  You can do this by doing the following:
• Open the Gradebook in iClicker
• Click on Reports.
• Select the report(s) you want. The Overall Summary report won’t give you the detail you need so you’ll need to turn on Session Summary and/or Student Summary.  You can create all three files if you like.
• Click Next
• The folder shown in the next window will be the Reports folder so click Select Folder
• When prompted select the file you want to open when you’re finished. The following files are created depending on what you selected:
• Overall_Summary_Report
• Session_Report_Session_DateOfSession
• Student_Summary_Report

If you want all three, just click on Overall_Summary_Report.  It will open and you can click on the individual sessions to see the data for each one.  The Session Summary and Student Summary reports will have the detail you need.

Q. I have one student whose clicker won’t sync with my roster in Gradebook.  She said she is registered but still it won’t sync.  What can I do?

A. Sometimes a student’s remote just won’t sync with Gradebook, but this is easy to fix.  You will need to know the student’s clicker ID number.  Open Gradebook, find that student’s clicker ID number in the list on the left, click on that number to reveal a dialogue box with a drop down list of your students.  Select the student and click Save.  The clicker remote should now be identified as belonging to that student.

Q. How do I modify polling results in i>clicker Gradebook?

A. First, in Gradebook click View at the top of the session you wish to edit.  Here you will be able to view each question and its results, select correct answer, change/add performance points, delete questions, etc…  See the i>clicker User Guide pages 37 – 60 for complete details.

Publisher Partners

Q. Does i>clicker work with any publishers to provide materials and slides to use with i>clicker in class?

A. Yes. i>clicker has several publisher partners, see the entire list on the i>clicker Partners webpage.

Self-Paced Polling

Q. I have heard that there is a way for students to answer multiple clicker questions at their own pace.  Is this true? How does it work?

A. Self-Paced Polling is a simple way to allow students to answer questions at their own pace. Currently, Self-Paced Polling (SSP) is not available in i>clicker v7 software.  However, if SPP is important to you, you can use an older version (6) of the software that supports it.  To learn more about SPP, see the Self-Paced Polling section of the i>clicker User Guide.  To obtain i>clicker v6 software for SPP, send your request to

Setup Instructions

Q. I forget how to get i>clicker setup for the beginning of the semester.

A. These step by step instructions should help: Setup Instructions v7.


Q. I think my software is corrupted.  What do I do?

USB Flash Drive imageA. It doesn’t happen often, but software can become corrupted.  Follow these instructions to download the latest software from our website and move your current data into your new software:
1. Change the name of your current i>clicker folder, call it “old” so that you don’t get it mixed up with the new one.  Save the old folder because it has all of your data.
2. Download the latest version of the software from our i>clicker software page.
3. To move your current data from the old software to the new, open your old software, double click on the Classes folder, find your class and copy it.  Then open the new software and paste your class  into the Classes folder.
4. Finally, you need to check the settings in the new software.  Launch i>clicker, click My Settings:
-Check the General tab for Frequency code and Instructor Remote and Welcome message if you use them.
-REEF Polling tab to make sure it is enabled if you use REEF Polling.
-Gradebook tab to confirm LMS (learning management system = Blackboard) and course
-Toolbar tab for timer (count up or count down)
-Scoring tab for your point preferences

Q: I polled a class using the wrong data base!  I now need to move that poll out of one database into the correct class’ database.  How do I do that?

It is actually relatively easy to merge the data.  All you need is the SessionData (csv and raw) files from that session and the corresponding Images (the images files start with the same filename as the session data and are numbered _Q1-Qn and _C1-Cn where n is the number of questions asked in the session). If you copy those files to the appropriate location in the correct i>clicker folders, everything should fall into place.

Upload Result to HuskyCT

Q. I understand i>clicker Gradebook can upload polling results to HuskyCT (UConn’s learning management system).  How can I do that?

A. To upload results to HuskyCT launch i>clicker and Open Gradebook.  On the top menu click Sync Scores.  Follow the menus to choose the session or sessions you wish to upload and select how you would like results displayed in HuskyCT.  Complete the process by clicking Upload.  You will then see a confirmation message.


Q. I am a Mac user but I don’t want to drag my laptop and receiver base to every class.  Can I use the classroom computer for polling and look at the results using my Mac?

A. WinMac is a special version of the software that allows you to poll on a Windows computer (which all of our tech classrooms have) and review results on your Mac in i>clicker Gradebook.  Go to our WinMac page for more information and WinMac software downloads.

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