i>clicker Version 7


Changes to i>clicker will impact Students and Instructors
UConn is upgrading to i>clicker v7. You will see very little difference in classroom polling sessions but this change will require attention from both Students and Instructors.

Your i>clicker remote will continue to work just fine, but you will need to register it once again after May 11, 2015.  Go to one of your i>clicker class HuskyCT sites and find the clicker registration link in the left navigation column. You only need to register once, then you will be set for all of your clicker classes.  Need help? Go to our clicker registration page.

You will need the new i>clicker software if you want to import your student roster into i>clicker and upload polling results to HuskyCT. Visit our Software page for downloads and more information. Remember to tell your students that they will need to register their clickers (again for some) in HuskyCT, and of course you will need to setup i>clicker registration on your course site. You can also register for a training session here.