REEF Polling

REEF Polling is the mobile classroom response system that allows students to use a smartphone or laptop to vote in class. REEF Polling gives students an additional option to purchasing an i>clicker 2 remote. To use REEF Polling you will need to take a few simple steps to activate this feature in i>clicker My Settings, REEF Polling tab. And because REEF Polling depends on the Wi-Fi in our tech classrooms to communicate with i>clicker software, you will need to be connected to the internet during each class.

REEF Polling on phoneIf you are considering REEF Polling for your class there are some things you should be aware of:

If the wireless network on campus goes down students won’t be able to vote.

Students can submit their vote from anywhere which means they can poll from a dorm room, at work or from across the country so cheating is possible.

Instructors have no guarantee that their students are using their phones or laptops for learning about the course material; these devices introduce multiple distractions into the classroom.

REEF Polling costs for the student:
6-month subscription – $14.99
1-year subscription – $23.99
2-year subscription – $32.99
4 year subscription – $47.99

There are advantages:
Convenience: students don’t have to purchase and carry another device to poll in your class.

Students are less likely to forget to bring their mobile device or laptop to class.

There could be possible cost savings if a student is only using i>clicker for one semester; however, for longer use, the cost savings would diminish and/or disappear. And if you offer i>clicker to your students, be mindful that some instructors do not allow open devices in class so students in those classes would need to purchase an i>clicker 2 remote anyway.

To Get Started with REEF Polling
If you would like to activate REEF Polling in your class, simply launch i>clicker and click on the REEF Polling tab in My Settings. Follow the activation instructions. Important: Use the Storrs Campus zip code, 06269, when activating REEF Polling regardless of which UConn campus you teach on.