i>clicker Channels – What Instructors Should Know

With a range of 300 feet there is the possibility that responses from i>clickers in one classroom may be picked up by a receiver in a nearby classroom. To avoid this problem i>clicker remotes and receivers were designed to operate on 16 different channels. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has preset different channels in every technology equipped classroom on the Storrs and Hartford campuses. i>clicker Classroom Channels on Storrs Campus [PDF]

In your tech classroom Classroom Channel Placard image
You will see a card like this one behind the teaching station with the preset channel for that classroom. You will need to remind your students to check their i>clickers and change them if necessary to the correct channel for that room. If you are using the blue i>clicker instructor remote you will also need to check and perhaps change channels.

NOTE: i>clicker remotes come with the default channel AA preset. If you and your students are in a classroom that happens to be AA you are all set.

Changing i>clicker remote channels
On student i>clicker 2 and blue i>clicker 2 instructor remotes:
1. Press and hold the orange power button until the display blinks and says “SET FREQ.”
2. Enter the two letter code for that room on the remote keypad (A-D).
3. A check mark will indicate you have set the correct channel.

NOTE: Students with more than one i>clicker class may need to change clicker channels at the start of each class. i>clicker will remain on the last channel it was set for. Fortunately it only takes seconds to change channels.

What if I’m using my own laptop to run i>clicker?
You will need to bring the i>clicker receiver from your Instructor Kit and plug it into your laptop. Use the same channel reserved for that classroom to avoid interfering with other classes.  When you start a polling session you will see a warning that the channel is already in use. Ignore that warning and proceed.  See instructions below to change classroom channels.

My Settings Dialog Box image
To change your i>clicker classroom channel launch the i>clicker software. Click on the little gear icon for My Settings. Under the General tab click the correct letter channels on the two Subfrequency Code settings, then click Set for Course. The software will remember your setting for this classroom.

Instructor Reserved Channels
So that you can use your own receiver base in a classroom or practice using i>clicker in your campus office without interfering with a nearby classroom, CETL has reserved channels DA, DB, DC and DD for instructors. Use the simple instructions above to reset to a “D” channel.

Classrooms on the Storrs campus use channels AA – CD only so that D channels will be available for your use. NOTE however that Laurel Hall in Storrs is the only exception. Laurel Hall uses all channels, including D channels, because of the numerous classrooms in close proximity. Laurel Hall Classroom i>clicker Channels [PDF]