I.D. your Clicker – i>clicker 2, REEF Polling and i>clicker


i>clicker 2 is the recommended clicker for UConn. They are available for purchase at the UConn Bookstore.

To change your i>clicker 2 channel:
1. Press and hold the orange power button until the display blinks “SET FREQ.”
2. Enter the two letter code for that room on the remote keypad (A-D).
3. A check mark in the display window will indicate you have set the correct channel.


REEF Polling is a mobile classroom response system that allows you to use a smartphone or laptop to vote in class instead of an i>clicker device.  Formerly called i>clicker GO, you can subscribe to REEF Polling at the i>clicker website and registration of your device is automatic.

See the REEF Polling page for more information.