Getting Started with i>clicker 2

i>clicker Instructors Kit imagei>clicker 2 is the classroom response system (CRS) endorsed by the University and supported by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL). All Storrs and Harford Campus classrooms are equipped with i>clicker receivers and instructors may obtain an i>clicker instructor’s kit by following the instructions below. Students who purchase an i>clicker 2 should be able to use this CRS throughout their UConn career.

Request an i>clicker Instructor Kit
i>clicker instructor kits include a receiver base, a student remote (to practice), and an instructor remote that allows you to control polling, results, your slides and has a laser pointer built in. Order my instructor kit.

Order clickers
Be sure to order clickers for your students at the UConn Bookstore long before the beginning of the semester (two months before classes begin is not too early). They will need your anticipated class enrollment.

Student registration
The most important thing to know is that i>clicker will work in class whether or not your students have registered their clickers. In fact, with i>clicker you may choose not to have your students register their clickers at all. But having students register (there is never a registration fee) allows you to sync your class roster with their clickers and upload polling results to HuskyCT. Learn more about clicker registration options under Using i>clicker with HuskyCT below.

Simple to install and use
Go to the Software page to download the version you will use. You can run it from the P: drive, USB device, or your laptop (if you use your laptop you must bring a base with you to class).
1. Logon the classroom computer (or your laptop) and find the folder where you copied the software.
2. Double click “iclicker.exe” if you’re using Windows or iClicker if you’re using a Mac to launch the software. The software launches in seconds and allows you to create a new class or select an existing class.
3. You are now ready to go and all of your polling data from this and future sessions will be saved in the folder where you ran the iClicker software.
4. Afterward you can review polling in i>grader and export results to HuskyCT.

Cross platform – as it comes, i>clicker software is designed to poll in class with the i>clicker.exe Windows software and review results on the same platform. However, it is possible to poll on one platform and review in another. To download software that allows you to poll in Windows and review results on a Mac, click WinMac.

Using i>clicker with HuskyCT
i>clicker software can integrate with our learning management system: HuskyCT. You can then sync up your student roster with the clickers used in class to see how each student is polling. You can also upload polling results to HuskyCT. To set this up follow Setup Instructions v7.

Classroom channels
Each technology equipped classroom in Storrs has a specific i>clicker channel. You and your students need to be aware of this for i>clicker to work correctly. Learn more on our i>clicker Channels page.

i>clicker Information Session
Want to learn more about i>clicker 2 and how to use it? Schedule a “hands-on” info session.

Semester Startup Checklist
You might find this Semester Startup Checklist useful as you prepare for classes before each semester.