Clicking @ UConn – Info for students

Why clickers?
As you may already know, classroom response systems (CRS) or clickers give you another way to participate in class. Your professor may want to know if you are following a concept, so a clicker question can help with the decision whether to continue on or stop and go over the information again. A professor may want to poll you and your classmates to find out how you feel about certain issues and project the results on a  screen so you can discuss them in class. Clickers can also be used for testing and quizzes.

“The consensus of several literature reviews (Caldwell, 2007; Fies & Marshall, 2006; Judson & Sawada, 2002; Roschelle, Penuel, & Abrahamson, 2004; Simpson & Oliver, 2007) seem to be that the use of clickers often increases student attendance, participation, and enjoyment of classes and provides students and instructors with useful feedback on student learning. Most students and instructors like using clickers, which they find fun and enjoyable to use. There also seems to be consensus regarding the impact of classroom response systems on student learning.”
Bruff, Derek Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009) 5

Which clicker do we use at UConn?
iClicker is the official classroom response system at UConn and iClicker 2 devices and REEF Polling (app) are available at the UConn Bookstore.

Why iClicker?
iClicker is simple to use for both you and your professor and it works from day one, you don’t need to register it before you can start polling in class.  A new iClicker 2 with REEF Polling for five years costs about $55.00 from the Bookstore and has no registration fees.

REEF Polling
iClicker also offers REEF Polling, a web based option that works on laptops, tablets and smartphones. However, not all instructors use REEF Polling.  See our REEF Polling page for more information.

What if I have an older iClicker?
The original iClicker will work fine in iClicker 2 classrooms, but it will only do multiple choice responses while the iClicker 2 can also respond to numeric and short answer questions. If your instructor is only asking multiple choice questions then an iClicker will be fine. But if you need to respond to alphanumeric questions in class you will need an iClicker 2 or REEF Polling. Getting confused about clickers? Visit I.D. your Clicker.

Do I need to register my clicker?
Your instructor will decide whether or not you need to register your clicker, for instance if participation or performance points are being awarded you will want to register.   Clicker registration is easy and done on your course HuskyCT site.  For more information on clicker registration go to Register My iClicker.

What about changing iClicker channels?

To prohibit clickers in one classroom from interfering with clickers in another classroom, iClicker uses multiple frequency channels. Each classroom has been assigned a different channel so you will need to set your iClicker to the correct channel for your class. The process is simple, takes only seconds and once you have changed your channel you are set. If you have more than one clicker class you may need to change you clicker channel at the start of each class. Look for the iClicker channel card in the front of your classroom and see how to change you clicker’s channel on our I.D. your Clicker page.

 A placard like this one identifies the iClicker channel in each UConn tech classroom.

Confused about clickers?
Not sure which clicker is which? I.D. your Clicker can help.