Clicker Testimonials

Here is what UConn instructors are saying about using clickers in their classrooms…

“The use of clickers has opened new possibilities to engage students in class and evaluate their level of understanding of the material in real time.”
Diego Valente, Department of Physics

“I will definitely use the I>clickers in my courses in the future for a combination of checking student understanding, collecting data in class, and just surveying the class. The only con that I can think of is the alphanumeric responses take a long time to generate.”
Jamie Kleinman, Department of Psychology

“Students commented that using the clickers in class for questions allowed them to practice for exams, with immediate feedback from the instructor.”
Helen Zakewicz, School of Nursing

“Overall it was very useful to engage class discussion and participation. Also I used it for my in class quizzes and participation. The software gave me some problems time to time but the iclicker team was very helpful. I can’t thank Steve enough for making this work smoothly for me. He came to my classrooms before classes to check the iclicker, gave me a new base and a brand new iclicker USB.”
Ela Celikbas, Math Department

“The clicker team at UConn have set up an amazing and faithful educational resource with a streamlined initiation process. Staff were personable, helpful, and answered the phone every time. Invented by physicists, clickers are innovative educational tools which permit large-scale learning environments to preserve small-classroom intimacy and interaction. Learning through a mass-scale conversation enabled by digital technologies opens a world of possibilities so that instructors don’t have to wait until the midterm to see if their students learned the material – the feedback happens right then and there. Plus, it is fun for the students and instructors. Keep up the good work!”
Jason Hancock, Department of Physics

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