Clickers (Classroom Response System)

Classroom Response Systems or “clickers” are the technology that allows instructors to poll students in class. Clickers enable everyone in the classroom to participate and become more engaged in the learning process.UConn provides instructors with the technology and instruction they need for classroom polling. Students purchase clicker devices in the bookstore or download the app to their laptop or smartphone. (Note that once a student buys an i>clicker, it can be used for all UConn clicker classes at no additional cost.)

Use classroom polling toiclickers

  • Stimulate peer-to-peer discussion (active learning)
  • Measure your students’ level of understanding (agile learning)
  • Spark meaningful discussions (for example, think-vote-share)
  • Administer tests, quizzes and reviews

To learn more about classroom polling, visit and see “For Instructors.”