Blackboard Collaborate™

Blackboard Collaborate is a simple, convenient, and reliable online collaborative learning solution.  Collaborate has unique in-session tools that enhance engagement and the face-to-face feel of online classes:

  • Online Audio/Video and Dial-In Capabilities
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Interactive Whiteboard
    A multi-user tool with a wide range of annotation tools, including text and drawings
  • Application Sharing
    Share applications and documents with multiple users in real time.
  • Real-time Polling
    Use the polling feature to ask participants Yes/No or multiple-choice questions during a session.
  • Chat
    An interactive chat tool allows moderators and participants to communicate via text during a session (public and private).
  • Web Tour
    Blackboard’s unique Web Tour feature allows moderators to launch an internet browser on participants’ computers. The moderator can then navigate the site remotely, which reduces screen rendering delays.
  • Hand-Raising
    Participants can alert the moderator if they have an issue or question during the session by using the hand raising feature.
  • Guest Invitations
    Invite participants from all across the institution and beyond.
  • Breakout Rooms
    Assign participants to groups and breakout rooms within the Collaborate session. Each breakout room has its own unique session, view and tools.  Moderators can move seamlessly between the main room and individual breakout rooms.
  • Session Recording
    Make the entire session available for viewing by students who did not attend the virtual session.

Getting Started

Blackboard Collaborate™ is tightly integrated with HuskyCT, the University’s learning management system, and its features complement the existing functionality of HuskyCT.  All HuskyCT courses automatically include the Blackboard Collaborate™ tool.

Create a Session

Scheduling and inviting participants to a live session is quick and easy:

  1. Login to HuskyCT (as Instructor)
  2. Under Course Management, navigate to Course Tools -> Blackboard Collaborate
  3. Click the blue Create Session button
    Collaborate 1
  4. Enter the following minimum attributes:
    1. Session Name (any name you prefer)
    2. Start/End Time (date and time to start/end the session)
  5. Click Save

Students enrolled in the course will automatically be added to the session as participants.

Invite Students—A link to the session can also be added within the course content by accessing the chevron next to the session title and clicking Add Link.  The link can also be copied and pasted into a course announcement, email, etc.


Collaborate 2

Students enrolled in the course will automatically be added to the session as participants.

Launch the Session

To launch the scheduled session, simply click on the Session Name, then choose Join Room.

Collaborate 3

For more details, refer to the Collaborate Launcher Quick Reference Guide.

Visit the Blackboard Collaborate website for links to documentation, training videos and other helpful information.