Arranging for Faculty Development Consultations

talkingWhat are faculty consultations?  Faculty development specialists at UConn’s Institute for Teaching and Learning provide feedback to faculty members seeking advice and support for their teaching.

Who can request a consultation?  General consultation services are available to all UConn faculty members and at all campuses.  There is no charge for the services.  Although consultations offer a great way to resolve difficult teaching issues, ITL’s services are not limited to problem resolution; in fact, some of UConn’s most successful teachers have been known to take advantage of consultation services to expand their repertoire and try new teaching techniques.  To request a consultation, simply send an email to

What does a typical consultation entail?  Consultations may entail anything from a single meeting to a series of meetings spanning an entire semester, depending upon the needs and interests of the faculty member.  Some of the topics and formats that can be addressed in consultations include the following:

  • Classroom related issues or concerns
  • Student evaluations
  • Instructional methods: active learning techniques, flipped classrooms, group work, discussions, interactive lectures, etc.
  • Instructional design of courses or redesign of existing courses
  • Resources on specific teaching topics: teaching freshmen, classroom management, civility, teaching large classes, midterm feedback on teaching, etc.
  • Presentation skills
  • Observations or videotaping and feedback
  • Hybridizing and applying educational technologies to achieve learning and course objectives

All services rendered in consultations are confidential and shared only with the client. ITL does not provide information or evaluation for tenure, promotion, or hiring decisions; clients, however, may use consultation reports as they see fit.

For more information, contact the Institute for Teaching and Learning at