High-Tech Classrooms

hightech1hightech2UConn’s classrooms vary from simple rooms with blackboards to high-tech, fully interactive, “smart” classrooms. Not all high-tech classrooms have the same equipment; you should therefore visit your assigned room and experiment with its use:

Make a virtual visit. You may virtually visit High-Tech Classrooms at Storrs, but it’s always best to go to the room and get a feel for the space.

Gain access to your room. To receive keys to operate equipment in rooms that have multimedia capabilities, contact  Audiovisual Technologies (AVT). If you have questions about the technology in your room, you can also call the AVT group at 860-486-1774.

Experiment with the space. If you are teaching in a large lecture hall, experiment with the space:

    • Will you need to use a microphone? If so, you will need to bring your own batteries (usually 9 volt).
    • Will you remain behind the podium or meander among the students? If you plan to leave the podium, will you need a remote for the computer system? If so, contact Audiovisual Technologies (AVT).
    • How do you intend to communicate with your students? Will you ask for questions or comments? Do you prefer to use a classroom response system (clickers)? If so, visit the Instructional Resource Center’s Clickers site.
    • Do you plan on using a white board? If so, you need to bring your own markers; erasers are provided.